EU Range

The EU Range was introduced in 2009 and is a road legal compact tractor. This is the largest range, featuring four models. Under the bonnet, a high torque indirect injection diesel engine will provide ample power, whatever the task in hand. Fitted with additional features, like a ratchet handbrake and mirrors to improve visibility on the road, all our EU tractors can be road registered.

Siromer 164E – Our leading economical tractor offers incredible value, performance and reliability. A gutsy 16hp, indirect injection, diesel engine provides ample power for both day to day and seasonal tasks. The 164E features selectable 4WD, 3 speed PTO (540/750/1000RPM) and electric stop start.

Siromer 204E & 244E – A powerful, versatile, efficient compact tractor for the road. This is designed for operator comfort, the Siromer 204E and 244E feature a semi-flat deck, side mirrors, sprung seat and ratchet handbrake. Fitted with a 20hp and 24hp indirect injection diesel engine, the 204E and 244E benefit from a dual double acting spool, featuring 4 quick release connectors.

Siromer 354E – Engineered for power, the largest of the EU Range, Siromer’s 354E is physically bigger than the 204E and 244E and boasts a rear lift capacity of over 1 tonne. With large tyres, the 354E is fitted with a dual double acting spool, featuring 4 quick release connectors.

Tractor Specification

EU Range164E204E and 244E354E
Horsepower16hp20hp (204E) and 24hp (244E)35hp
Maximum 3p.l. Lift400kg800kg1200kg
Wheel Drive4WD Selectable4WD Selectable4WD Selectable
Size (Length x Width x Height)2602mm x 1050mm x 2403mm2695mm x 1675mm x 2350mm3352mm x 1785mm x 2420mm
Height (roll bar folded)1380mm1870mm1980mm
Ground Clearance250mm295mm295mm
Wheel Base1280mm1645mm1833.5mm
Turning Circle2400mm3200mm4150mm
PTO Speed RPM540 / 750 / 1000540 / 1000540 / 1000
Clutch7" Single Stage8" Dual Stage10" Dual Stage
Engine3 Cylinder, 3 Stroke, Indirect Injection Diesel3 Cylinder, 4 Stroke, Indirect Injection Diesel4 Cylinder. 4 Stroke, Indirect Injection Diesel
Engine cut offElectric stop start on keyFuel cut off with pull switchFuel cut off with pull switch
Rated Speed RPM250023502350
GearboxHigh / Low
6 Forward, 2 Reverse
12 Forward, 4 Reverse
High / Low
8 Forward, 2 Reverse
Differential LockSelectable Engage / DisengageSelectable Engage / DisengageSelectable Engage / Disengage
SteeringHydraulic Power SteeringHydraulic Power SteeringHydraulic Power Steering
Hydraulic TypeFlow and Return 15L/Min 2000PSIDual Double Acting Spool 20L/Min 2200PSIDual Double Acting Spool 20L/Min 2200PSI
BrakesDrumIn Board DiscIn Board Disc
Foot BrakeSelectable Combined / Independent left and rightSelectable Combined / Independent left and rightSelectable Combined / Independent left and right
Hand BrakeRatchet Hand BrakeRatchet Hand BrakeRatchet Hand Brake
Hitching Mechanism3 Point Linkage (CAT 1 pins)3 Point Linkage (full CAT 1)3 Point Linkage (full CAT 1)
Hitch DeviceClevis DrawbarClevis DrawbarClevis Drawbar
Battery Size12 Volt, 60AH12 Volt, 60AH12 Volt, 100AH
InstrumentsCombined Instrument PanelCombined Instrument PanelCombined Instrument Panel
TyresAg 5.0-12 Front, 7.5-16 Rear
Turf 5.0-12 Front, 31*9.5-16 Rear
Ag 6.0-12 Front, 8.3-24 Rear
Turf 7.5-12 Front, 11.2-20 Rear
Wide Ag option 6.0-12 Front, 12.5*80-18 Rear
Ag 7.5-16 Front, 11.2-24 Rear
Turf 9.5-16 Front, 13-20 Rear
164E EU Range - 16 horsepower, 3 cylinder, 4wd Creeper Gearbox Flatpack (ID E16)£4,250 + VAT (Unassembled)

£4,950 + VAT (Assembled)
204E EU Range - 20 horsepower, 3 cylinder, 4wd Creeper Gearbox Flatpack (ID E20)£5,500 + VAT (Unassembled)

£6,200 + VAT
244E EU Range - 24 horsepower, 3 cylinder, 4wd Creeper Gearbox Flatpack (ID E24)£5,945 + VAT (Unassembled)

£6,645 + VAT (Assembled)
354E EU Range - 35 horsepower, 4 cylinder, 4wd High / Low Gearbox Flatpack (ID E35)£7,200 + VAT (Unassembled)

£7,900 + VAT (Assembled)