CH Range

The CH Range was introduced in 2014 and is a road legal high performance tractor. All models in these range feature a shuttle gearbox and, like the EU Range, can be road registered.

Due to the size and weight of 404CH and 504CH these models are only available assembled.

Siromer 254CH

The range comprises of three models, the 254CH (similar in size to the 204E and 244E) and the highest horsepower tractors Siromer offer, the 404CH (40hp) and 504CH (50hp). All models are 4WD.

The Siromer 254CH can be road registered. Similar in specification to the EU Range 244E, the 254CH offers a shuttle gearbox rather than a creeper gearbox like the 244E. A shuttle tractor has an independent forward reverse lever, allowing the operator to switch between the two directions quickly and easily, which makes the tractor ideal for loader work. The shuttle gearbox on the 254CH has 8 forward and 8 reverse gears and a top speed of 18km/h.

The compact 254CH is fitted with a high torque, 3 cylinder, direct injection diesel engine, providing ample power for a wide range of implements. An independently controlled front loader with standard or 4 in 1 bucket is also available.

Siromer 404CH, 504CH & 504CH Cab

The 404, 504 and 504 Cab are the largest tractors Siromer offer. All models are similar in size and weigh between 2.5 and 3.2 tonnes. These high power models are ideally suited to customers looking for a tractor that can operate larger machinery such as a three furrow plough or 8ft finishing mower. Independently controlled front loaders are available for all models.

Key Features

  • Four cylinder, direct injection, diesel engine.
  • Heavy duty front and rear axles, which provide support for hefty lifts and drags.
  • A wet braking system for efficient and long lasting braking.
  • Shuttle gearbox, giving 12 forward and 12 reverse gears.
  • A maximum speed of 25MPH.
  • Choice of Agricultural or Turf Tyre

Siromer 754CH

The new Siromer 754CH tractor provides dependability and performance to a wide range of applications, like arable farming, small scale livestock, daily duties in diary production as well as front loader works or tasks at specialised farms. This tractor is engineered for power and it comes complete with an air conditioned cab  and synchromesh gearbox. With heavy duty front and rear axles, they provide solid support for high capacity front loader and rear linkage lifts.

Tractor Specification

Model254CH404CH / 504CH / 504CH Cab
Horsepower25hp40hp / 50hp / 50hp
Bore x Stroke (mm)90 x 10090 x 100 / 98 x 105 / 98 x 105
Maximum 3PL Lift800kg1500kg / 1700kg / 1700kg
Size (Length x Width x Height)3405mm x 1440mm x 2240mm3980mm x 1650mm x 2660mm / 3980mm x 1650mm x 2660mm / 3980mm x 1650mm x 2700mm
Turning Circle3200mm3400mm
PTO Speed540RPM 1000RPM540RPM 1000RPM
ClutchDual Action 8 or 9 InchDual Action 10 Inch
Wheel DriveSelectable 4WDSelectable 4WD
Engine3 Cylinder, Water Cooled, Direct Injection Diesel4 Cylinder, Water Cooled, Direct Injection Diesel
BrakesDrumWet Disc (Improved Durability & Performance)
Rated Speed2400RPM2350RPM
Cultivation Depth ControlPositionDraft and Position Combined, Floating Control
GearboxShuttle (8 Forward 8 Reverse)Shuttle (12 Forward 12 Reverse)
SteeringHydraulic Power SteeringHydraulic Power Steering
HydraulicsDual Double Acting (20L/Min)Dual Double Acting (30L/Min)
Hitching Mechanism3 Point Linkage (Cat One)3 Point Linkage (Cat Two)
Hitch DeviceClevis DrawbarClevis Drawbar
TyresAg 6.0-16 Front, 9.5-24 RearAg 8.3-20 Front, 12.4-28 Rear
Turf 9.5-16 Front, 13-20 Rear
Loader254CH Loader404CH / 504CH Loader
Lift Capacity400kg1000kg
Max Lift Height2400mm2800mm
Dump Height1720mm2000mm
Digging Depth140mm120mm
Bucket Width1400mm1600mm
Bucket Capacity0.2m cu0.45m cu

Maximum Lift2500kg
Size (Length x Width x Height)4030mm x 1650mm x 2400mm
PTO Speed2 Speed (540, 1000RPM)
ClutchDual LUK independent controlled clutch
Wheel DriveSelectable 4WD
Engine4 Cylinder, 4 Stroke, Water Cooled Direct Injection Kohler Diesel
BrakesInboard Wet Disc Brakes
Rated Speed2400rpm
Cultivation Depth ControlDraft & Position Combined, Floating Control
GearboxShuttle Synchromesh Carraro - 12 Forward, 12 Reverse
SteeringHydraulic Power Steering
Hydraulic TypeDual Double Acting Spool
Hitching MechanismThree Point Linkage (CAT II)
Hitch DeviceClevis Drawbar
Electrics12v 100ah, Combined Instrument Panel, Aux Trailer Connection
TyresAg: 8.3-24 Front, 14.9-30 Rear

254CH CH Range - 25hp 3cyl 4wd Shuttle Gearbox Flatpack£5,945 + VAT (Unassembled)

£6,645 + VAT (Assembled)
404CH Synchro CH Range - 40hp 4cyl 4wd Synchro Shuttle Gearbox Assembled£8,800 + VAT
504CH CH Range - 50hp 4cyl 4wd Shuttle Gearbox Assembled£10,350 + VAT
504CH CH Range - 50hp 4cyl 4wd Shuttle Gearbox Assembled with cab (ID I5C)£14,300 + VAT
754CH CH Range - 75hp 4cyl 4wd Shuttle Gearbox Assembled with cab£18,350 + VAT