Field Range

The Siromer Field is the original compact flatpack tractor and it features two models, the Siromer 204S (20hp) and 304 (28hp).

The Siromer 204S and 304 are physically the same size and both available with either a shuttle or creeper gearbox. A shuttle gearbox has an independent forward / reverse lever enabling the operator to use all gears in either direction. This type of gearbox is ideally suited to loader work. A creeper gearbox has an additional low ratio that can be used by the operator to creep at speeds as low as 0.2mph, meaning this gearbox is more favourable with owners who work the land.

The Field tractors come with traditional tractor features such as a foot handbrake and flow and return hydraulics. Both models are fitted with high torque, direct injection diesel engines, providing more than enough power for both day to day and seasonal tasks.

All tractors in the Field Range are fitted with 3 cylinder direct injection diesel engines. All models feature selectable 4WD, diff lock and are available with an independently controlled front loader.

If you opt for a Field Range tractor and you’ll also get a choice of tyre; agricultural, turf or wide agricultural tyres. Agricultural tyres are designed to dig into the ground and these 8.3″ agricultural tyres come complete with wheel weights to give you extra traction. Turf tyres are popular with gardeners, golf courses and sailing clubs as they are engineered to leave little imprint on the ground.

Both agricultural or turf tyres can be upgraded to rear wide 12.5″ agricultural tyres for the best of both worlds. A wide rear tyre spreads the tractors weight over a larger area, reducing ground imprint, whilst also providing plenty of grip. Wide Agricultural tyres are an additional £300 + VAT.

Tractor Specification

Bore / Stroke mm80 x 9085 x 90
Maximum 3p.l Lift800kg800kg
Wheel Drive4WD Selectable4WD Selectable
Field RangeAll Models
Size (Length x Width x Height)2991mm x 1370mm x 2200mm (1650 Roll bar folded)
Ground Clearance295mm
Wheel Base1645mm
Turning Circle2800mm
PTO Speed540 / 1000 RPM
Clutch8" Dual Stage
Wheel Drive4WD Selectable
Engine Cylinder, 4 Stroke, Water Cooled, Direct Injection Diesel
Engine cut offFuel cut off with pull switch
Rated Speed2400 r/min
Gearbox ChoiceShuttle; 6 Forward, 6 Reverse or Creeper; 12 Forward, 4 Reverse
SteeringHydraulic Power Steering
Hydraulic TypeFlow and Return 20L/Min 2200PSI
BrakesIn Board Disc
Max Speed16 mph
Fuel Tank Capacity18 litres
Foot BrakeSelectable Combined / Independent Left and Right
Hand BrakeLocked Foot Brake
Hitching MechanismThree Point Linkage (CAT 1)
Hitch DeviceClevis Drawbar
Battery Size12 Volt, 60AH
InstrumentsIndividual Gauges; Oil Pressure, Engine Temperature, Ammeter, Rev Counter, Fuel Guage
TyresAg 6.0-12 Front, 8.3-24 Rear
Turf 7.5-12 Front, 11.2-20 Rear
Wide Ag option 6.0-12 Front, 12.5*80-18 Rear
204S Field Range - 20 horsepower, 3 cylinder, 4wd Creeper Gearbox Flatpack£5,200 + VAT (Unassembled)

£5,900 + VAT (Assembled)
204S Field Range - 20 horsepower, 3 cylinder, 4wd Shuttle Gearbox Flatpack£5,200 + VAT (Unassembled)

£5,900 + VAT
304 Field Range - 30 horsepower, 3 cylinder, 4wd Creeper Gearbox Flatpack£5,650 + VAT (Unassembled)

£6,350 + VAT (Assembled)
304 Field Range - 30 horsepower, 3 cylinder, 4wd Shuttle Gearbox Flatpack£5,650 + VAT (Unassembled)

£6,350 + VAT